Zhejiang Hotel
- Hotel reservation website out of service from 27 August to 6 September due to G20 summit
- Special rates are reserved for conference participants
Zhejiang Hotel, located at No. 278, Santaishan Road, Xihu District, possesses the central mountains and waters of the new West Lake scenic spot and is built according to the five-star standards. It is the only garden hotel enclosed by mountains and lakes in Hangzhou City.
The hotel covers an area of 20 hectares. Inside it, green grass seems like a pleasant mat and the water winds and flows slowly. It is adjacent to the Maojia Water Town in the west, the beautiful West Lake in the north, the Five Ancient Peaks in the south and the Mirage of Three Platform in the east. Strolling leisurely into it, you can fully enjoy many beautiful landscapes. The famous scenic spots of the West Lake, such as Lingyin Temple, Yuewang Shrine, Hupao Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake, are within three kilometers scope around the hotel. Therefore, Zhejiang Hotel is your first choice for conference and vacation.
The hotel has more than 350 sets of various deluxe and comfortable rooms, 15 conference halls of different sized and over 10 various types of dining rooms of different styles, prepared for providing good and individual living services for you at any time. Wandering in the poetic garden of mountain and water, the quiet, elegant and honorable atmosphere, the warm and considerate services and pleasure for being bathed in the nature will bring you a perfect living experience.
Hotel Reservation
1.  Log onto the hotel website: www.zhejianghotel.com. Choose your language at the top right corner.
2.  Look at the section of [Online Reservation] on the top left corner. Enter arrival, departure dates, numbers of rooms and guests. Click “Search”. A new page appears and displays information on rooms.
3. Look at the section of [Search], enter the special reservation code, “VPPC2016”, in the field of “RSV Code” (13th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference 2016). Click “Search”. A new page appears.
4.  Look at two types of rooms: [Superior King Room] and [Superior Twin Room], and there is the Rate name for “13th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference 2016”. Choose one type£¬and click “Booking”. There appears the page of “Order”.
5.  Make your entries at [Check info] and [Contact info]. Check “Accept booking note”. Click “submit”. The booking is complete. The page of “Booking result” appears and shows your booking details. In a short while, your email box receives two messages entitled “Zhejiang Hotel: Reservation Confirmation” and “Zhejiang Hotel£ºPassword for querying your reservation”.
Note 1£ºCheck in. When you arrive at the Hotel, please produce your booking “Order No” at the reception and pay deposit. Settle your hotel bill when you check out.

Note 2£º Cancel booking. You may cancel after the booking is successfully made. Visit www.zhejianghotel.com. Click "My Reservation". You see the page of "Query order". Enter "Order no" and "Password" which you got in your email box£¬and click "submit". You see the booking details in the next page. If you want to cancel the booking, or change its dates and room, click "Cancel". Your email box will receive cancellation conformation from Zhejiang Hotel. If you like to make a new booking, follow the procedure above.