All papers MUST be presented by registered conference participants, who is the author of the paper and is able to answer questions. 
The scheduled paper which is not presented or is presented by someone not knowledgeable about the work, will be remarked as “NO SHOW”. These papers will NOT be included in the conference proceedings, and NOT transferred to the database of IEEExplore and EI Compendex.
There is NO template for the oral presentation power point or for the poster.
Guidelines for Presentations
Oral Presentation
1) Presenting Time
- The typical time slot of an oral presentation is 15 minutes, including 11 minutes talk and 4 minutes discussion.
Session chairs will strictly enforce these time limits.
- Presentation material must be well designed, simple, and readable.
2) Presentation File
- Presenters should prepare the presentation file in MS-Power Point in English (version 2010 or lower).
- If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010 fonts, please bring the font files themselves with the presentation file. However, non-standard fonts are not recommended to use.
- Please bring your Power Point presentation file on a USB memory stick and submit it to the operator of each presentation room at least 15 minutes before the session starts. The operator will load the presentation files to a laptop PC. Note, it is also acceptable to use a PDF file (Adobe Reader V.10 or lower version) instead of a Power Point file, and, fonts should be embedded into the PDF file.
- Each presenter is also asked to submit his/her own short biography to the session chair at least10 minutes before the session starts.
3) Audio Visual Equipment
- All presenters are required to use the facilities provided by the organizer only. Each session room will be equipped with the following facilities:
A laptop computer running MS-Office Power Point 2010 operated in Windows 7 with a USB drive,
Smart pointer and mouse
Beam projector (RGB Port),
- It is strongly discouraged to bring your own laptop computer (especially Apple laptop) unless your presentation requires any special software and/or hardware.
Poster Presentation
1) All presenters for poster presentations are responsible for putting up and removing their own poster on the assigned panel, which has the assigned session number.
2) Each poster header should include the paper title, authors, affiliations, and session number. The poster size should fit within a 0.8m (Width) x 1.2m (Height) space.
3) The poster text including the paper title should be printed and enlarged, so that it can be read from a distance of at least 2 meters.
4) At least one author should be present in front of the poster panels and be capable of explaining it. Session chairs have the responsibility of determining whether papers have been well presented.
5) All posters must be removed promptly by the presenter at the end of the session. Posters remaining after the removal time will be removed and disposed by the Secretariat.
6) The materials such as some scissors and tapes will be provided in Poster Session Place.