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Detailed Program
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Industry Technical Tour
Time: 13:00 – 20:00, 20 Oct. Departing from the Zhejiang Hotel at 13:00, and returning from the company after the dinner.

Destination: Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd.

This technical tour is free to all participants. Should you be interested in this tour, please notify the receptionist on 17 or 18 Oct. However, if there are too few people, we may have to cancel the technical tour.

Introduction about Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1984, and through almost 30 years’ rapid development, Wolong Holding Group currently has 3 listed companies: Wolong Electric (600580SH), Wolong Real Estate (600173SH), and Wolong-LJ (LIJ0. SI), as well as 54 holding subsidiaries and more than 18000 staff with RMB 24 billion worth of total assets, RMB 30 billion worth of annual turnover, and an industry layout with the manufacturing as its core flanked by real estate and financial investment.
Wolong manufacturing is mainly focused on three product chains: Motor and Control, Transformer and Battery. Products cover more than 40 series and 3000 specifications including various motors and controlling systems, traction transformers for electrified railway and complete sets of electric transmission and transformation project, power transformer, UPS battery, construction machinery and etc. The main products are leading in international and domestic market and supplying many national key projects, with domestic market share above 25%. Each economic indicator continuously ranks highest comparing to domestic peers. There are two main manufacturing bases within the group, one in China (Shangyu, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Huai’an, Beijing, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Qingdao, Yantai , Wuhu, Nanyang and Chenzhou ), and one in Europe(Spielberg in Austria; Norwich, Leeds and Cradley Heath in UK; Nordenham, Moenchengladbach and Welzheim in Germany; Bor and Subotica in Serbia; Tarnow in Poland; Modena in Italy). Wolong has four motor and drive control technology institutes which are located in Hangzhou(China), OSAKA(Janpan), Dusseldorf(Germany) and Eindhoven(Holand). As the national key high-tech enterprise, Wolong has established postdoctoral R&D station, national key laboratories, state-level enterprise technical center and provincial electric research institute. And it has implemented 23 State Torch Program tasks, developed 16 state-level key new products, obtained 72 national key technology development achievements and 665 national patents (66 invention patents of them). Wolong is the vice-president—Unit of China differential motor Industry Association, China fractional horsepower Motor Industry Association, and China Small and Medium-sized Motor Industry Association, and the president—Unit of Zhengjiang Motor Industry Association. Wolong is also awarded to be Top 100 companies in China’s mechanical industry, Top 500 in China’s manufacturing industry, Top 500 Chinese private enterprises, the leading company in China’s industrial sector and the leading company in China’s motor manufacturing. Wolong low-power motors are reputed as Chinese famous brand, and the trademark of “Wolong” is ratified as a famous trademark of China by SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce). Wolong has established high efficient management and operating system EAIM with the employment of modern management mechanism such as OA, ERP, PLM and CRM and the establishment of normative corporate governance structure and modern enterprise management system.
The EV series product is permanent magnet synchronous motor with high performance for new energy vehicle motor. With high quality rubidium iron boron magnet steel and specific distributed architecture of magnet steel, this motor has good speed governing performance and high efficiency with a high efficiency area over 90%. Using high quality aluminum alloy and entire water cooling, reduced weight and improved power density increase the vehicle endurance. With power range from 20kW to 200kW and maximum torque of 3200Nm, Wolong’s products cover the requirements from A00 class passenger car to bus over 12 meters both in pure electric driven and hybrid power. Construction of a new manufacturing base for new energy motor with 740 million RMB investments is started. Estimated annual capacity in year 2017 is 300,000 pieces.
With the goal of becoming “Eastern Siemens” and “The No.1 in the Global Motors”, Wolong is striving to establish the operating pattern of a high-tech, high growth and high efficiency multinational group with a internationalized market, a diverse capital and modernized management by means of accelerating industry transformation and upgrading, boosting economy of scale and enhancing its comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development capacity in an all-round way according to its 13th Five-year Plan.

Address: No.1801 West Renmin Load, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Postcode: 312300